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Muddy Dog Coffee and Tea Equipment and Tools

Muddy Dog
Equipment & Tools
The Bodum Columbia insulated, stainless steel French press is simplicity itself, with a modern look and unmatched durability that keeps coffee hot for hours. This and other fine coffee brewing accessories are curated based on quality, value and ease of use. Let us help you brew coffee shop quality coffee at home. Contact our specialists to determine the right solution for you.


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Citron Green Japanese
Tasting Notes Meyer lemon provides a citrusy foundation that is rounded out with grassy green tea f..
Organic Masala Chai
Tasting Notes Rich and full bodied, with sweet, warm spices of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and clove..
Organic Red Rooibos Tea
Tasting Notes Full bodied infusion with aromas of cedar and very subtle menthol. Hints of root beer..
Afternoon Tea
Enjoy a nice cup of tea after a long day. This gift box includes two bags of tea (50 grams each) and..
Organic Irish Breakfast Blend
Tasting Notes Full body black tea flavor, slightly malty, rounded, with subtle muscadine-like fruit..
Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Blend
Tasting Notes Full bodied infusion with aroma of allspice. Spicey notes dominate. Naturally slightl..
 Japanese Sencha Green Tea
Tasting Notes This tea is pleasantly brisk and the fragrance is a subtle grassy-floral blend. It ..
Organic Red Raspberry Rooibos
Tasting Notes Full bodied infusion with aromas of cedar and very subtle menthol. Powerful berry fru..
Organic Tropical Rooibos
Tasting Notes A flavorful and fragrant blend of fresh green and red Rooibos teas complemented by s..
Decaf Assam Black, Organic
Tasting Notes   Full body black tea flavor, slightly malty. Classic assam copper color in the cup...
Darjeeling, Organic, Fair Trade Certified
Tasting Notes   Good body, flavorful, complex and a little fruity, with a musky spiciness reminisc..
Organic Decaffeinated Black Peach Tea
Tasting Notes   An organic Indian black tea with safflowers and a finish of fresh peaches. Great h..
Disposable unbleached paper filter bags for use with loose tea. These easy to fill bags have a longe..
Organic Earl Grey de la Creme
Tasting Notes   Full body black tea flavor. Intense bergamot aromatic, and citrus notes in the cup..
Moroccan Mint Tea
Tasting Notes Soothing green tea and aromatic, refreshing mint combine to result in a subtle green ..
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