Rwanda Muraho Shyira


$14.00/12 oz

Cupping Notes:

It’s a combination of sweet, floral and fruit – think honey, Meyer lemon and cherry.

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Product Description

Cupping Notes:

This coffee is excellent by any prep method. I love it as espresso – it is light and lively. It has the fruitiness of a natural but the clean palette of a washed coffee (it is a washed coffee). It’s a combination of sweet, floral and fruit – think honey, Meyer lemon and cherry.

Product Details:

  • Single origin
  • Light-Medium roast
  • Available in 12 oz, 1 lb, 3 lb (3% discount) and 5 lb (6% discount)
  • 1 lb package is biodegradable, compostable bag

 The Backstory:

The Muraho Shyira is from the Shyira Washing Station in the Nyabihu district of Western Rwanda and supplied by Muraho Trading Company. This coffee was fully washed and fermented for 12 hours and sun-dried for 35 days. Shyira has one full time staff but expands to 42 seasonal workers during peak season, and offers 29 drying table for the 1,869 farmers that provide cherries to the station. Muraho works directly with small coffee producers across five washing stations in Rwanda and are dedicated to improving farming practices and quality for the producer’s livelihoods and for their customers. Last season through our FFS program (Farmer Field Schools), Muraho developed a nursery for 110,000 seedlings (Kilimbi – 50,000 and Rugali 60,000) and distributed them successfully to their family of Farmers in Nyamasheke. This program helps them train and educate small coffee producers in better agricultural practices in order for them to gain better yields from their trees. Muraho is the first company in Rwanda to get official legal approval from the governing board NAEB to produce and export Honey and Natural processed coffees.



Additional Information


1 lb, 12 oz, 3 lb, 5 lb

Grind Type

Drip, French press, Whole Bean


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