Java Government Estate Blawan


Cupping Notes
Thick mouthfeel, nutty notes.

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Product Description

Cupping Notes
Thick mouthfeel, nutty notes.

Product Details
Sold in 12 oz, 1 lb, 3 lb (3% discount) and 5 lb (6% discount)

The Backstory
Fun fact, if you’ve ever wondered why coffee is called “java”, it’s because the island of Java is the first place outside East Africa and Arabia that coffee was grown. As you can imagine, the first purveyors of coffee wanted to maintain their monopoly on the trade, and forbid live seeds to leave the region. The dutch were the first to smuggle out seeds, and they were planted on the Dutch-controlled island of Java.
This Java is from one of the four main government estates.  It’s a solid offering for anyone who loves big, clean Indonesians.  If you like Sumatra, you will probably like Java, too, maybe even a little better.

Additional Information

Weight 1.4 lbs

1 lb, 12 oz, 3 lb, 5 lb

Grind Type

Drip, French press, Whole Bean


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