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Buna Andanya Espresso


$13.50/12 oz

Cupping Notes
Big, wild, full of fruit, but without excessive citrus.


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Product Description

Cupping Notes
Big, wild, full of fruit, but without excessive citrus.

Product Details

  • Medium roast
  • Blended exclusively with Direct Trade Ethiopian coffees
  • Packaged in high-barrier polymer valve bags
  • Available in 1 lb, 2.5 lb (3% discount) and 5 lb (6% discount)

The Backstory
“Buna Andanya” means “first coffee” in Ahmaric, the national language of Ethiopia.  The name could be interpreted as suggesting this is a good coffee for the start of your day, or it originates from the first place in the world to grow coffee.  Either or both of these interpretations makes us happy!

We blended this coffee exclusively from beans we buy through Dominion Trading, our direct trade partners in Ethiopia.  This year, our purchases amounted to the output of six Ethiopian family farms, and our partner – a non-profit – reinvests all the profits from the sale of these coffees back into Ethiopian farming communities.  It is hard to imagine a more socially responsible coffee.

Our intention with this coffee is to market it as an espresso, because we love it that way.  (Because we are positioning it as an espresso, we are not offering it pre-groud.)  But it does make a very nice drip coffee, too, so try it that way if you are so inclined.

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12 oz, 1lb, 3lb, 5lb


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