Welcome to Muddy Dog Roasting Company. We are a small-batch, artisan coffee roaster located in Morrisville, North Carolina. We work hard to source the best green coffee available, directly from the growers themselves. We have an extreme focus on quality, freshness and customer service. Whether you want to enjoy the nuances of an exquisite single-origin estate coffee, or if you prefer the unique character of a special blend, we have a coffee that’s guaranteed to please.

The Muddy Dog Story

When Jim Pellegrini first started roasting coffee out of his small garage in Cary, North Carolina, it was just a hobby born out of a simple need for good coffee. He was getting frustrated with the old, outsourced coffee available at grocery stores and chain coffee shops, and wanted something more.

We want to know where our coffee comes from. We want to know that it was produced sustainably, and that was harvested with care. We also want it to taste good.

As more friends and family started trying Jim’s home-roasted coffee, they urged, “You know, this is really good. You should start selling this so that other people can enjoy it, too.” The idea took hold, and in late 2006 Debbie and Jim purchased a building in Morrisville and started exploring coffees to source. The only thing left to figure out was the name; one day, Jim brewed a pot of freshly roasted coffee, and as he poured it into the cup, thought “This color looks just like my dog, Bailey, when she gets all muddy from playing.” And so, Muddy Dog Roasting Company was born.

We continue to take pride in visiting the farmers we source our coffee from all over the world. To date, we’ve made origin trips to Ethiopia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Kenya, India, Mexico, and Honduras; we learn about the growing regions as coffee farm owners take us around their farms and welcome us into their homes. In this way, we know the stories of our coffees from beginning to end. And not only do we know the stories of the coffees, but also the stories of the wonderful people who grew them.

Photo of Jim Pellegrini cupping coffee in Nairobi, Kenya

Please join Debbie and Jim as we continue on our journey of discovery through the coffee world; you can visit us at local farmers markets, order coffee online, or even stop in for a tour through our roastery in Morrisville, North Carolina. We would always love to have you.

Photo of Jim and Debbie Pellegrini at Muddy Dog Coffee Roasters