Blueberry Tisane | Darjeeling Black | Moroccan Mint Green | Red Raspberry Rooibos

Besides our loose leaf teas, we are now happy to announce that we are selling tea bags!  There are 12 teas bags in a bag.  Some of the most popular teas have been selected:

  • Blueberry Tisane- Sweet and tart with blueberries and passion fruit.  Notes of hibiscus.  Naturally sweet without added sugar.  Naturally caffeine free
  • Darjeeling Black Tea- Complex, musky spiciness, fruity, muscatel, cooling aftertaste. Caffeinated
  • Moroccan Mint Green Tea- Soothing green tea with refreshing mint.  Perfect with honey or sugar.  Great iced.  Caffeinated
  • Red Raspberry Rooibos- Aromas of cedar, and very subtle menthol.  Berry fruits and florals.  Naturally sweet without added sugar.  Naturally caffeine-free.
Muddy Dog Tea Bags $9.00

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