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Muddy Dog
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The Bodum Columbia insulated, stainless steel French press is simplicity itself, with a modern look and unmatched durability that keeps coffee hot for hours. This and other fine coffee brewing accessories are curated based on quality, value and ease of use. Let us help you brew coffee shop quality coffee at home. Contact our specialists to determine the right solution for you.


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Old North State Blend Melange
Tasting Notes Complex cup, with flavors ranging from sharp and citrusy, progressing through rounded..
$16.00 $13.60
India Monsooned Malabar
Tasting Notes Ultra-low acidity. Woody flavors, sandalwood, white oak. Slight earthiness. Product ..
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Sumatra Decaffeinated
Cupping Notes Woody, earthy, hint of lemon in the finish   Product Details Medium-Dark roast ..
Decaffeinated Snickerdoodle Flavored Coffee
Cupping Notes This decaffeinated coffee has the flavors of cinnamon and hazelnut. Reminiscent of a ..
Sumatra Half-Caf Blend
Cupping Notes Full, earthy Product Details Single origin Water-processed decaffeinated coffee ..
Snickerdoodle Flavored Coffee
Cupping Notes Flavors of cinnamon and hazelnut. Reminiscent of a snickerdoodle cookie. Sold in 1/2..
Costa Rica Tarrazu Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated
Cupping Notes Simple, balanced. Cocoa powder, graham cracker. Product Details Single origin Sw..
Roastmaster's Choice DECAFFEINATED
We offer this option when we have some excess inventory of decaffeinated coffee.  The idea is simple..
Kimbap Cafe Blend
Cupping Notes Big body, syrupy, earth, twist of lemon in the finish. Product Details Available in..
Honduras San Andreas Especial
Cupping Notes Caramel and dark chocolate flavors, balanced and rich with orange peel acidity. Prod..
India Mysore Sethuramen Estate
Cupping Notes Full body, complex. Light earth. Nuttiness and aromatics of sandalwood. Savory notes ..
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural Misty Valley
Cupping Notes Big body.  Deep, bittersweet chocolate. Aggressive warm fruits: cherry, strawberry. L..
Ethiopia Dominion Yirgacheffe
Tasting Notes A fruity, nuanced, washed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Hints of citrus. Anchored by a base ..
Colombia Swiss Water Decaffeinated
Cupping Notes Smooth, balanced, notes of green apple. Product Details Medium roast Swiss Water..
Java Government Estate Jampit
Cupping Notes   Thick, buttery mouthfeel. Moderate acidity. Floral notes, spices, almost herbal. P..